Third-party/Vendor Risk Management Software

Your job—to deliver inherent and residual vendor risk insights—is about to get much easier with Onspring. Proactive visibility. Faster predictive analysis. Better decisions.

Third Party Vendor Risk Software in Onspring

Get Real-time Visibility into Third Party Risk

Onspring software provides a systematic, risk-based approach to manage the full vendor lifecycle and ongoing third-party risk, from onboarding, to initial due diligence and ongoing assessments, even continuous monitoring of cyber and financial risk.

Get Real-time Visibility into Third Parties and Vendor Risk

Onspring software provides a systematic, risk-based approach to manage the full vendor lifecycle and ongoing third-party risk, from onboarding, to initial due diligence and ongoing assessments, even continuous monitoring of cyber and financial risk.

Proactive & Scalable Third-party/Vendor Risk Software

Full vendor lifecycle management
  • Automate due diligence, onboarding, contract review, performance monitoring and offboarding
  • Centralize & catalog vendor profiles by cohort, spend level or category
Vendor Management Software Automation in Onspring
Risk Assessment with Vendor Security Questionnaire Documentation
Assess, manage, and monitor
  • Automated reminders & workflows for sending, collection and scoring external risk evaluations
  • Real-time visibility into the status of vendor risk assessment findings, associated controls and remediation efforts
  • Systems and controls monitoring outside of normal assessment timeframes, such as SOC 2 reports, PCI assessments and ISO certification
Real-time risk reporting
  • Comprehensive criticality ratings from evaluations combined with cyber and financial monitoring services

  • Granular access control for roles, including staff, management and leadership
Time Saving Reports in Onspring

Cyber & financial risk scores in Onspring software automatically activate vendor reviews

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Dig into the details of Onspring's third-party/vendor risk management software

How can Onspring’s Third-party/Vendor Risk Management software help you?

It’s all about visibility. Dive into the details of Onspring’s Third-party/Vendor Risk Management software, including, dashboard filtering, automated workflows and multi-app reporting.

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Our team of experts launches Third-party/Vendor Risk Management in Onspring with you. Quicker implementation means faster results for your team.


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Need a long-term Onspring admin embedded into your team? You got it. Your dedicated Onspringer will help optimize your vendor risk management program day in and day out.

Third-party/Vendor Risk Management Case Study

How the World’s Largest Logistics Company’s Responded to Log4j

When the critical Log4j vulnerability broke, the world’s largest transportation service needed to identify and track its high-risk SaaS providers to full remediation ASAP.

Learn how their fast-acting, vendor risk management team leaned into Onspring’s engagement risk assessments to create an integrated vulnerability management dashboard, vendor vulnerability app and Log4j control survey in just one week.

1 week

Custom application design & launch


Vendor response rate within 2 weeks


Remediation validation

Onspring software features that make vendor risk management easier

See why customers love our no-code third-party/vendor risk management software

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Native survey functionality within Onspring software allows you to create custom surveys with dynamic questions and branching logic. Survey data from respondents automatically connects to the vendor’s data record and feeds into reports and dashboards. This means you can maintain real-time visibility of risk levels across your vendor universe without manual reporting effort. Surveys can be sent on a schedule or sent ad hoc for each individual vendor based on evaluation requirements of risk volatility.

No. Risk assessments sent via survey do not require users to log into Onspring software. Your vendors and contractors simply complete an online survey through a link sent via email. No login is required and all data submitted remains confidential in Onspring.

In Onspring, you can report on any data point captured. Customers using Onspring’s third-party risk management software most often create reports that display aggregated risk scores by vendor category and spend level. These scores often include feeds from third-party monitoring services to supplement risk assessments with continuous monitoring from cyber and financial angles.

Automation enables you to put manual, time-consuming efforts on autopilot, which frees up your time to focus on strategizing, proactive troubleshooting, or addressing mitigation efforts.

The accuracy of your third-party risk program increases from continuous real-time monitoring of your third-party’s activities. With automated risk assessments and mitigation task notifications, information is now fed directly into one, consolidated, analytics dashboard. Your program has more data more often, and this data is already displayed in meaningful reports that enable you to activate mitigation activities as needed.

Complete Your GRC Suite

  • Compliance Management with Onspring

Onspring centralizes compliance activities for better control & visibility.

Onspring’s risk management software saves time, increases visibility, and centralizes risk data for incredible efficiency.

  • GRC Automation with Onspring

Onspring offers a comprehensive GRC suite for all your governance, risk, IT & compliance efforts.