Third-party Risk Management
Enterprise Solution

As businesses become even more interconnected to one another, your vendors and their suppliers may inadvertently alter your organization’s risk posture, be it cyber, operational or financial. You need integrated visibility across your third-party ecosystem as well as a reliable way to assess third-party risk and resolve related issues. And you need it now.

Get full visibility and scalable third-party risk
management software with Onspring.

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To accommodate the management of diverse vendor sets, Onspring provides a systematic approach to scaling third-party risk assessments, automating related scoring, identifying related controls and driving mitigation activities. Why? So that you always have up-to-date, consolidated views of your organization’s extended third-party risk.

Why third-party risk management is easier with Onspring

Process Automation Capabilities

Vendor Management Software Automation in Onspring
  • Send and collect external risk evaluations to your third parties on a set schedule

  • Capture & manage cyber, financial, & operational third-party risks as they surface in evaluations

  • Auto-assign findings by criticality & generate tasks for appropriate risk remediation

  • Manage all assessments and verifications of third-party compliance with regulatory requirements

Analytics Capabilities

  • Organize data to catalog risk profiles of third-parties by cohort, spend level or category

  • Access critical vendor data points straight from risk profile dashboards

  • Enhance risk scores with continuous monitoring data feeds from cyber and financial third-party data integrations

  • Leverage executive-level dashboards to provide real-time analytics on overall risk profile of third-party ecosystem

  • Deliver individualized dashboards so that vendor managers and risk owners can pinpoint exactly where to focus their efforts

Vendor Management Software Analytics in Onspring

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Dig into third-party risk management process automation details

Check out the Third-Party Risk Management Solution Brief to see what’s included.

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Native survey functionality within Onspring software allows you to create custom surveys with dynamic questions and branching logic. Survey data from respondents automatically connects to the vendor’s data record and feeds into reports and dashboards. This means you can maintain real-time visibility of risk levels across your vendor universe without manual reporting effort. Surveys can be sent on a schedule or sent ad hoc for each individual vendor based on evaluation requirements of risk volatility.

No. Risk assessments sent via survey do not require users to log into Onspring software. Your vendors and contractors simply complete an online survey through a link sent via email. No login is required and all data submitted remains confidential in Onspring.

In Onspring, you can report on any data point captured. Customers using Onspring’s third-party risk management software most often create reports that display aggregated risk scores by vendor category and spend level. These scores often include feeds from third-party monitoring services to supplement risk assessments with continuous monitoring from cyber and financial angles.

Automation enables you to put manual, time-consuming efforts on autopilot, which frees up your time to focus on strategizing, proactive troubleshooting, or addressing mitigation efforts.

The accuracy of your third-party risk program increases from continuous real-time monitoring of your third-party’s activities. With automated risk assessments and mitigation task notifications, information is now fed directly into one, consolidated, analytics dashboard. Your program has more data more often, and this data is already displayed in meaningful reports that enable you to activate mitigation activities as needed.

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