Federal Agencies Simplify Compliance with

OMB A-123 Risk & Controls Management Software

Integrate your enterprise risk and manage your internal controls in accordance with the Federal Managers’ Financial Integrity Act (FMFIA) and Government Accountability Office’s (GAO) Green Book with Onspring GovCloud software.

OMB A-123 Risk & Control Management in Cloud-based FedRAMP Software

Identify & Evaluate Enterprise Risks
  • Define your agency's overall risk profile

  • Establish comprehensive risk objectives

  • Enable ongoing risk identification & assessments

  • Identify, manage & monitor risk response activities across the entire risk profile

  • Leverage data to drive reporting and decision making

  • Communicate and report with key stakeholders, including your agency's Risk Management Council

OMB A-123 Risk Summary in Onspring GovCloud
OMB A-123 Control Summary in Onspring GovCloud
Automate Internal Control Management
  • Define your agency's system of controls

  • Align with standard internal control components and principles as outlined by the GAO Green Book

  • Identify Entity Level, Third-party Service Provider and Fraud controls

  • Manage supporting control documentation

  • Report on performance of internal control assessments and findings

  • Classify and evaluate Internal Controls Over Reporting (ICOR) and strategic information resources

Integration with POA&M Process
  • Identify and classify deficiencies relating to control evaluation procedures

  • Establish corrective action plans associated with risk evaluations and internal control assessments

  • Report on issue severity, ownership, and status

POA&M Integration with OMB A-123 in Onspring GovCloud
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How can Onspring’s OMB A-123 Management software help you?

Dive into the details of Onspring’s OMB A-123 Risk & Controls Management software, including ready-made processes, workflows and reporting.

Federal Agencies Benefit from Onspring GovCloud OMB A-123 Features

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Risk & Control Content Ready

Content ready to import from external sources focuses on security and privacy after your agency selects the set of security controls that meet minimum security requirements in FIPS Publication 200 and control baselines from NIST SP 800-53.

Legal Management Icon Onspring Teal Line

Frequency & Sample Size Control

Designate frequency of control performance and use numeric values to derive sample size dynamically based on OMB guidance of Annually, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, and Recurring.

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POA&M Management

Integrated directly with POA&M workflows to identify findings, supporting milestones, and responses in the context of your Enterprise Risk Management and Internal Control Management programs.

IT Incident Management Icon Onspring Yellow Line

Control Change Reviews

Control Change tracking automatically captures key control data points when changes are made so your agency's Senior Assessment Team can review and validate the impact of changes on the annual evaluation process.

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Testing Procedures

Users required to indicate the Test Procedures leveraged as part of the testing process, including the inquiry, inspection, observation, and/or re-performance.

Problem Management Icon Onspring Red Line

Financial Reporting Assertions

Financial Statement Assertion data captured with financial controls to alert management of association with material line items, including presentations and disclosures, existences or occurrences, rights and obligations, completeness and accuracy, and valuation or allocation.

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