Dynamic Workflows Fit Your Unique Processes

Automate even the most complex enterprise processes with our ready-to-flow templates or quick, custom builds.

Our Dynamic Workflows

Dynamic workflows in Onspring provide an all-in-one tool for conducting processes, like routing content through defined paths for review, input, and approval, including internal and external assessments.

Visual Builder

Use drag & drop to create or edit each step in your processes, plus include links to details, approvers & comments

Private Workflows

Limit viewing, approving, and rejecting steps to only those assigned or involved in the process

Public Workflows

Enable anyone using Onspring to view, approve or reject steps in your workflows

Rules-based Routing

Tailor each of your processes using logic to define enrollment, routing, and messages

Email, SMS & Slack 

Send and accept reviews, approvals, and rejections via email, SMS, and Slack

Dynamic Enrollment

Enroll users in a workflow from data imports, integrations, surveys, or by direct saves, edits, and new records

GRC Management with Onspring

How our dynamic workflow builder works

Simply drag-and-drop ready-made elements

  • Diagram your entire process in stages with visuals

  • Create approval/rejection paths

  • Activate automatic notifications based on rules & triggers

  • Create task queues for users to manage workload & for managers to evaluate progress

Dynamic Workflows in Onspring
Christine Lambden PROS Information Security

Christine Lambden
Senior Manager, Information Security

PROS Onspring Customer

See how dynamic workflows help customers

“Dynamic workflows have positively improved every single process we built in Onspring.”

GRC Management with Onspring

Start a workflow from Onspring directly from Slack

Slack users can trigger automated workflows in Onspring

  • Simple & quick method to initiate workflows in Onspring

  • Anyone in your business can create new records in Onspring using Slack forms

Start a workflow in Onspring directly from Slack

See how to create & update workflows all on your own.

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