Which GRC tool is right for you?

100% of Onspring customers plan to renew

Are you thinking about which GRC technology might be right for you? Or which GRC tool best prepares you for the future of risk? And what is the fastest way to evaluate enterprise GRC software? The short answer? You need research—reliable, independent research. And that’s precisely what the Info-Tech Research Group provides with their 2020 Product Scorecards for GRC Software Products. For Onspring, our scorecard is in—and it looks good. High marks all around for our performance for Governance, Risk & Compliance solutions, and the proof is that our customers keep choosing Onspring each year.

Onspring achieved the top spot for the InfoTech GRC Platform Quadrant Report for the second year in a row.

What is the Product Scorecard?

ITRG Software Reviews Product Scorecard is a comprehensive report designed to help potential GRC software buyers make better purchasing decisions. It’s a guide to help decision-makers like you figure out which GRC tool is right for your needs. Data in this GRC technology report is collected from real end-users of the Onspring product and rigorously analyzed through extensive data analytics. The analysis evaluates the ease of implementation, breadth of features, vendor support, the business value created, feature satisfaction, the emotional footprint, implementation and so much more.

For 2020, Onspring achieved the highest composite score for a GRC software platform.

GRC Category Report

As an ITRG Software Reviews Gold Medalist, Onspring achieved a 9.2 out of a possible 10 and was ranked first for Likeliness to Recommend, Plan to Renew and Satisfaction that Cost is Fair Relative to Value.

As a practice, we believe it is vitally important to be well integrated into the daily challenges of our customers. This means we build not just partnerships but relationships. Relationships are equally important for ITRG as well. They see that as organizations become more and more dependent on GRC software to automate operations, users are developing strong emotional connections to their applications and vendors. To validate, Software Reviews Word Cloud aggregates the most common opinions held by its users. Onspring’s strong, positive words help potential purchasers choose which GRC tool is best for their needs.

Which GRC automation vendor is right for you?

The scorecard goes further by quantifying sentiment with its net Emotional Footprint, a score used to measure emotional response ratings across five areas:

  1. Strategy and Innovation
  2. Service Experience
  3. Conflict Resolution
  4. Product Impact
  5. Negotiation and Contract

Which GRC Tool has the best Emotional Footprint?

Why would an emotional footprint be important? Well, let’s say in order to implement and configure a GRC platform successfully, you need to work with the vendor’s training & support staff. The interactions you have with those people can affect how valuable you perceive that actual software to be. When you’re building a complex, compliance automation plan or figuring out how to reduce risk in a workflow, the right GRC tool should come with the right GRC support.

Often, the sentiment factor is overshadowed by features or capabilities, but honestly, choosing a vendor with whom you actually enjoy working can be a critical factor to your success. Once again among their GRC technology competitors, Onspring received the top spot with a +93 and the Champion leader for the Customer Experience score. Emotional Footprint Champions “deliver a balance between providing strong experience and great overall value.”

Onspring GRC Platform Emotional Footprint

We value relationships over everything when it comes to our customers. And this was evident when we read the Relationships & Interactions portion of the scorecard. When it came to service and ease, actual Onspring users reported 100% positive sentiments for our sales team, client service team, product specialists, and leadership.

We could go on and on. (Literally, there is so much more we can share with you from this scorecard.) But the short of it is, if you’re currently researching which GRC software tool is best for your company, ITRG Software Reviews Scorecard offers you valuable, independent information from real Onspring users to help you decide if Onspring is the best GRC software platform for your organization.

For those who aren’t aware, NIST is the National Institute of Standards and Technology, a non-regulatory agency of the U.S. Commerce Department. NIST develops and issues standards, guidelines, and other documents to encourage and assist federal agencies and the private sector with security controls and regulatory compliance requirements.