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Such was the case with a customer that recently expanded their use of Onspring into their marketing department.

Interactions between marketing and other groups within the organization were mostly limited to email communications over some period of time that eventually resulted in a polished PDF in the email inbox or a slick brochure shipped to the office. But between emails, there was a lot of mystery about what was going on “behind the curtain.”

Metaphorically speaking, those outside the marketing department may have viewed the process something like this:

Ask the Wizard → the Wizard makes magic happen → the requester gets a heart, brain, courage, postcard, report, presentation, or whatever else he or she needs.

But in reality, the client’s process to produce and deliver marketing materials involved many participants, management sign-offs, legal and compliance reviews, etc.

Without a centralized tool for capturing and processing marketing requests, communicating status, and delivering the final product, the mystery of the marketing work queue became a source of frustration for inter-departmental team members. After all, it’s only a few seconds to send an email, right? Why can’t you work me in? Can you tell me where my project is? The constant stream of requests was also contributing to mounting frustration for the marketing team as they tried to balance their daily production activities.

Onspring was already working with this customer to solve challenges in other areas, so it was an easy transition to meet with marketing leadership to start this new project. No new users or licensing changes were required since they already use Onspring enterprise-wide for other processes.

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We met with the customer to nail down their marketing procedures, suggest process refinements, and discuss elements of the production workflow, such as reviews and approvals and communication expectations. Armed with this knowledge, we worked with the client to craft a solution for:

  • Submitting marketing requests
  • Tracking production workflow
  • Managing approvals and comments from reviewers and other project stakeholders
  • Sharing work queues with other teams
  • Restricting access and edit rights to the various participants
  • And distributing published projects for general user consumption

Notable capabilities within the solution

  • A ‘marketing request’ form dynamically shows and hides options based on form selections.
    • That way, the requester sees only the fields needed for their specific project.
  • Production and approval workflow with automated alerts keeps participants informed when action is required of them.
  • Role-based dashboards communicate project status, open requests, work queues, and more.
    • This helps reduce the barrage of inquiries and confusion over project status and finalization.
  • A library of published projects is fully searchable and includes the final downloadable files for general use.

In the case of this Onspring customer, the Marketing Request Management solution eliminates mystery from the Marketing production process. It reveals the “man behind the curtain”—a team of talented marketing professionals working furiously behind the scenes to make the magic happen. We were excited to work with them on this unique project and look forward to helping this client—and many others—achieve efficiency, clarity, and control with Onspring.