Onspring Announces Release of Version 23.0 GRC Software – Adding Unique Data Set Filtering and Flexibility in Collaborative Workflows

New version enables users to filter entire dashboards and introduces survey and workflow enhancements to help users save time and work more efficiently

August 15, 2022 — Onspring, a no-code GRC software platform, announced its latest software release, version 23.0, delivering game-changing enhancements for dashboards, reports, surveys, workflows, and more. Onspring’s newest software version 23.0 includes new options for dynamically filtering dashboards, floating hero sections in layouts, new reporting sort options, and survey delegations—all of which provide customers greater efficiency and visibility across their business. With new versions of its GRC software platform released quarterly, Onspring is constantly improving features and functionality to deliver value to its customers continuously.

With the new dashboard filter function, end users can narrow the focus of an entire dashboard across multiple applications and surveys in a few clicks. The single dropdown control at the top of the page filters data across apps or in any survey, making it easy to pinpoint the most critical data. Business unit filtering focuses on risks, compliance activities, audit projects, or vendors associated with a user’s specific business unit. Fiscal year filtering narrows all key metrics and reports on a dashboard for the current year.


Onspring’s latest software version 23.0 also includes floating sections in layouts, allowing users to position a section of fields or formatted text above the tab strip within an app layout, providing contexts such as status, type, and relationship owner, which users can see from any tab within the record. Onspring also expanded report sorting options, providing up to four user options. Survey delegation enhances flexibility for teams who want to assign individuals to complete survey questions.

“We’re constantly communicating with our customers to deliver features that improve their overall experience, and version 23.0 of our GRC software delivers on a number of promises to improve overall usability and efficiency,” said Matt Pugh, COO & Executive Vice President—Product for Onspring. “This latest version immediately impacts users’ ability to gain valuable insights from our data in just a few clicks – providing significant time savings.”

Highlights of the version 23.0 software release include:

  • Dashboard Filters – enabling greater personalization, the new dashboard filters improve the overall user experience for administrators and end users. Users can filter dashboards and reports using data across applications and multiple surveys to tailor the content for individual user needs, including business units, locations, time periods, and more.
  • Floating Sections in Layouts – improves overall usability by delivering context that users can see no matter where they’re working within a record.
  • New Sort Options for Reports – adds expanded sort options with new visualizations for reports beyond the basic primary and secondary sorts, enabling users to configure a report up to four levels of sorting in ascending or descending orders. Also provides new custom sort features to give end users and administrations increased functionality.
  • Survey Delegation Enhancements – allows the original survey recipient to send one or more survey pages to other team members for completion. In version 23.0, survey delegation has been enhanced in two important ways by adding full delegate submission rights and attachment review for original recipients.
  • Approval-Only Workflow Steps – allows users to configure a dynamic process for record review and approval. In version 23.0, users can hide the “reject” button if an approval-only step is needed. This feature lets users capture a simple review or acknowledgment, not a true approval or rejection.
  • Single-Color Charts – users can choose a single plot color for chart segments. This new feature for version 23.0 enables a single-plot color option for charts in the visual display tab of the report designer.
  • Expanded Color Palette Options – includes a vibrant color palette with a range of colors you can apply to list values, key metrics, charting, and other configurations. In version 23.0, a new Smooth palette with an alternate set of colors can be applied instance-wide.
  • Read-Only Status Visibility – extends high-visibility statuses, introduced in version 22.0, and to read-only mode. This enhancement reduces the need to scan through text for status values. Instead, users can rely on icons and colors to instantly determine the status of a configuration.

Onspring ranks as the #1 GRC software in the InfoTech Research Group leader quadrant three years in a row, maintains 5-star customer reviews on G2 Crowd and Capterra software review site,s and has been consecutively recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in Kansas City. It has also been a Trust Award finalist in Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery in 2021 and 2020. To learn more about Onspring’s solutions, including its new Regulatory Change Management (RCM) solution.