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Providing power to business people

I’m the newbie at Onspring, having joined the team just last week. Transitioning into my new role has been smooth sailing—largely because the team is wonderful and the platform is very familiar to me. I’ve worked in Onspring for several years as a client and consultant, and I’m thrilled to dig in now as a member of the team.

What I appreciate most about Onspring is that it’s a powerful tool that’s surprisingly easy to use. I’m a writer by trade—not a technologist—but I have no trouble building Apps and reports, creating workflows and notifications, and solving business problems through the platform.

So how is it that a marketing maven like me can be empowered to “help myself” in Onspring? Well, it’s by design. Onspring gives power to the business people. Our no-code platform is built in a way that allows non-technical folk to easily manage business apps, reportsworkflows, user provisioning, and more without a stitch of custom code.

Onspring adheres strongly to the “teach a client to fish” philosophy. We want to free you from relying on high-cost development resources to accomplish your business goals. Our team provides a range of training resources and is always here to help, but frankly, we want you to be able to help yourself!

Here’s How This Plays Out:

Onspring offers a variety of pre-configured solutions, primarily for auditcompliance, and risk management professionals. You can implement these solutions “out of the box,” or (the more likely scenario) you can modify them to fit your processes. We don’t force you down a path. Instead, the path bends and curves to your needs.

Adding fields, adjusting page layouts, launching surveys, managing access, creating dynamic reports—all of these functions (and more) are available to administrators through an intuitive user interface. Onspring makes it easy to make changes in a matter of minutes or hours, not weeks or months. New clients are always taken aback by how simple it is to manage the system, and those “ah-ha moments” bring our team a lot of joy.

If Onspring’s pre-configured solutions don’t fit your needs, you can create entirely new solutions using the same powerful tool-set. Our clients have built a wide range of processes in Onspring, from restricted data requests, scheduled IT reviews, legal ticketing, and contract management to employee onboarding, production planning, logistics workflow, and sales operations. We marvel at the creativity we see from clients once they realize the power of the platform to solve business problems.

In a recent interview, a client from a large financial services firm said it best:

“It goes to show how easy Onspring is to use from an administrative perspective. We have not had to hire a new skillset to do it. We’ve been able to figure it out ourselves with minimal support. It’s a tremendous plus that we can be self-sufficient and really own the tool.”

In my new role at Onspring, I have the welcome task of telling our clients’ stories about daily victories and future plans. I get to see users “go fishing,” equipped with everything they need for a tremendous catch. I’m excited to experience the creative solutions on display at our upcoming Onspring Connect user conference and to meet with clients who are taking charge through the power of the Onspring platform.

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Sarah Nord Director Learning at Onspring GRC Software

Sarah Nord
Director at Onspring
10 years GRC experience