Project Description

Expanding Beyond Traditional Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

A Healthcare Case Study

Sevita Customer of Onspring GRC


Manual tracking of GRC functions in spreadsheets harbored too many limitations and increased the risk from human error, so Sevita adopted Onspring’s business process automation platform to create efficiency and more accuracy. What started as a specific GRC initiative expanded into a robust process improvement program across multiple functions of the business.

“Onspring is more than a standard GRC system, which was exactly what we needed.”

Jennifer Neville, Associate General Counsel, Corporate


Sevita (formerly known as The MENTOR Network)

Home & community-based healthcare

40 states
35,000 employees
50,000 individuals served

Onspring Solutions in Use by Sevita

  • Licensure database
  • Insurance policy management
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Disaster recovery
  • IT controls
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Manual tracking of GRC functions in spreadsheets has limitations. Spreadsheets limit reporting and increase the risk from potential human error and oversight.

With so many processes bogged down in laborious, static spreadsheets, Sevita adopted Onspring to better manage all GRC processes and reporting needs. Business owners believed the platform also provided a simplified method to track and manage company licenses.

Efficiencies were soon added across multiple areas of the business as team members saved hours each week collecting, managing, and reporting on data.

The same question was asked, Can you do this with my spreadsheet?”


Two distinct phases of implementation in Onspring were initially planned by business owners.

Breaking programs into phases enabled faster launches and impact to business functions needing immediate support.

60 days into Phase I implementation, system administrators realized how they could customize Onspring to deliver on the spreadsheet automation requests they kept receiving from various teams.

Soon, additional phases were added to implementation, increasing scale and ROI.

Prioritization Approach

Spotlight: Risk Management


Increase enterprise-wide efficiency and reduce risk.


Manual tracking in spreadsheets was time-consuming and left a margin for errors.


Comprehensive application in Onspring conducts annual risk assessments, gathers necessary data, creates and tracks an annual work plan, and report to the Board.


One centralized system to seamlessly connect data, related risks, activate plans, and communicate with stakeholders.


Governance, Risk and Compliance Programs in Onspring