New Insights From Now Data

When you pair analytics with automation, you reveal real-time indicators, hidden trends and powerful insights that can inform business decisions in big, new ways.

Robust, Real-Time Reporting

Auto-generate meaningful status, forecasting and performance metrics to get a live look at the state of your business and client lifecycles.

Dynamic Dashboards

Quickest way to kickstart data-driven performance? Give every team member customized visibility to live data and task organization in their own dashboards.


Connect the Dots by Connecting the Data

See the big picture when you interrelate analytics across processes, projects, and departments while aligning teams with data consolidation.

Advance Your Formulas

Dive into the analytical details with our advanced formulas, which help you explore trends, breakdown contextual scenarios and predict future performance.


Can analytics really make your team’s decisions better?


And we can’t wait to show you how.