Manage regulatory change in Onspring with AI-driven regulatory content from Regology

Stay current with relevant regulatory changes and sync your GRC authority documents, citations, and content directly into Onspring effortlessly.

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Regology in Onspring Helps You Manage the Impact of Regulatory Changes on Enterprise Risks & Controls

Track regulatory changes in real time based on your chosen topics & industries

  • Understand the most current laws & citations that apply to your business

  • Map obligations to federal, state and municipal rules
  • Identify resulting business requirements
  • Create policies and controls faster
  • Save research time and eliminate manual spreadsheet tracking

Manage Regulatory Change in Onspring with Regology Insights

See how Regology integrates with Onspring’s Regulatory Change Management software

It’s all about visibility. Dive into the details of how to activate the legal insights from Regology into your compliance management workflows inside Onspring.

Activate workflows to mitigate risk and manage compliance

  • Map regulatory changes to related controls, policies, business units and locations

  • Assign control testing against regulatory changes

  • Track risks associated with findings identified with new laws and citations

  • Streamline alerts, linking proposed rules with their final versions

  • Report on business impact in risk terms for executive leaders

See how Onspring connects and activates Regology’s regulatory change intelligence.

AI Takeover of GRC
Fully automate regulatory change
Fully Automate Regulatory Change

Instill a structured, integrated and automated process to stay ahead of regulatory change, saving you measurable time and effort.

How data libraries improve regulatory compliance
How data libraries improve regulatory compliance

Planning GRC objectives for the new year? Get tips on how to build a robust data library that keeps you compliant.

Dynamic data visualizations
Create Dynamic Data Visualizations

Connect your data and see instant measurement. Then filter and slice your data to curate specific insights.