A roadmap to control

A comprehensive approach to an effective compliance program

Setting up a high-functioning compliance program can be difficult and involves more than the simple installation of internal control software.

Always have a plan

Finding the right method and tools for a compliance program is no different—establishing control over your initiative is no small matter, and it is so much more than finding and installing internal control software. For a successful program, this involves understanding what controls are, the context in which they exist, and how they serve as the foundation of your compliance.

To help set up a strong, foundational platform that will produce desired results, A Roadmap to Control examines the different pieces of control that are necessary when mapping out a program and will help you set a course to a comprehensive compliance program that moves from an overarching concept to a manageable system of controls. The e-book addresses the following topics:

  • Examining the fundamental definition of controls. A control is a process effected by leadership designed to accomplish an objective.
  • Defining the key benefits of establishing a control library. A working control library allows you to perform ongoing monitoring and validation.
  • Outlining the organizational elements impacted by the control environment. It’s important to know and understand the context of why your controls exist, and also how they interact within your organization.
  • Exploring considerations for control testing. A consistent, structured testing approach allows you to maintain proper reliance on each control’s performance.

By bringing these concepts together and exploring some of the compelling reports and analysis tools, you can capture information in a structured manner. Moving from concept to control catalog, and abstract needs to actionable processes, this e-book examines the fundamental elements required for a navigable compliance program.

As your journey takes shape—remember, compliance is more than simply using internal control software.

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