Onspring GRC Software Adds Integrations with Black Kite, Regology, and Ascent in version 27.0 Release

Integrations included in the version 27.0 release further position Onspring as a market leader in GRC software that fully connects data and workflows across the entire risk management lifecycle

Overland Park, Kansas, December 11, 2023Onspring, the no-code SaaS GRC automation software, today announced its latest platform release, version 27.0. This release continues to deliver end-to-end automation for organizations by ingesting data from Black Kite, Regology, and Ascent and automating actions that inform stakeholders of data implications so teams can activate control testing, policy reviews, third-party analyses, and risk remediations. The impact of these data integrations and automated workflows will generate significant time savings during regulatory change review processes. 

“With the version 27.0 release of Onspring, data ingestion from integrations with Black Kite, Regology, and Ascent, provide our customers with deeper views into their organization’s regulatory compliance status and potential third-party risks, in addition to automated corrective actions,” said Ryan Lougheed, Director – Product, Platform for Onspring. “The automation built around our new integration partners connects customers’ data for easy management, immediate reporting, and activation.”

Each integration includes apps in Onspring that enable automated workflows for stakeholder tasks and visual reporting that displays referenced relationships like controls and policies impacted or related risks, calculations to predict the financial impact of risks, and historical trend data. Highlights of the integrations included in the Onspring version 27.0 software release:

  • Black Kite Cyber Ratings: Deep insights to improve third-party risk resiliency feed into Onspring, including cyber grades, breach and ransomware indices, trend analysis, and compliance reports tied to standards like NIST 800-171, ISO 27001, GDPR, and HIPAA.
  • Regology Regulatory Content: An industry-agnostic AI-powered regulatory intelligence provider, Regology enhances the Onspring platform by offering access to a vast database of regulatory information from more than 10,000 agencies across 130 countries. This integration allows Onspring users to easily review and map current regulations, citations, and updates to their internal policies and controls within Onspring. Additionally, it makes Reggi, Regology’s generative AI regulatory compliance assistant, available to Onspring users. 
  • Ascent RegTech: Ascent automates the identification of company-specific rule changes and obligations for Onspring’s financial services customers, eliminating the constant manual review of regulatory documents. This not only helps Onspring’s customers ensure compliance and the avoidance of fines, but also streamline compliance efforts, cut costs, and enable quick responses to regulatory changes.

Partner Quotes

“At Regology, we streamline regulatory compliance with top-tier content. In partnership with Onspring’s latest release, we’re setting industry benchmarks. Our collaboration combines our AI-powered regulatory intelligence with Onspring’s robust capabilities, simplifying compliance management for users,” added Mukund Goenka, CEO and co-founder of Regology.

“One of the most important aspects of GRC is ensuring your solution has the most reliable and accurate data possible to make risk decisions. By seamlessly ingesting risk intelligence from Black Kite including company profiles, cyber grades, compliance reports, technical insights, and ecosystem data Onspring users are empowered with cyber risk monitoring and quantification,” said Chuck Schauber, chief product officer, Black Kite. “Collaboration with Onspring signifies our joint commitment to enhance cyber risk management and foster a streamlined experience for organizations navigating the complexities of today’s digital landscape.”

“With the Ascent integration, Onspring automates the entire compliance workflow for its financial services customers,” said Ascent President, Jon Leitner. “Leveraging Ascent’s AI engine, company-specific rule changes and obligations can now be fed directly into Onspring automatically as they happen, enabling customers to better manage their policies and controls and adapt rapidly to regulatory rule changes.”

About Onspring

Onspring is a no-code GRC software that connects data and teams to improve business intelligence, governance, alignment, and resilience. When people are empowered to create their own workflows, processes, requirements, and reporting, teams are more productive, and business runs better. With over 550,000 users around the globe, Onspring’s software helps businesses in every industry track and better manage their workflows.