73% of GRC Professionals Still Require a Developer to Update GRC Programs

Onspring’s State of GRC Report finds 69% of GRC leaders’ roles would improve by implementing a GRC platform that didn’t require developer support

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas, May 10, 2023 — Onspring, a leading no-code, cloud-based Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) software, conducted a comprehensive survey of 150+ GRC leaders to gain insights into their daily processes, technologies and tasks. With the advancement of digital transformation in many organizations in recent years, a surprising 73% of respondents said they still needed a developer to update and administer their GRC programs, indicating a clear need for non-developer-required technologies. This demand for no-code software is further reinforced as two-thirds of those surveyed are likely to select no-code software over other options, and 69% said deploying a GRC platform that didn’t need developer support would improve their role.

The shortage of skilled developers is another factor driving the need for non-developer technologies. According to Gartner’s “Innovation Insight for Citizen Automation and Development Platforms” report, the demand for developers is at an all-time high with over 1 million software developer vacancies at American businesses, yet only 65,000 developers are predicted to graduate from college each year. This shortage not only exacerbates the need but also drives up cost. As a result, organizations should invest in non-developer technologies. According to Gartner, “by 2025, spending on [non-developer-required technologies] is expected to grow to almost $30 billion.”

Echoing Gartner’s predictions, 66% of survey respondents plan to implement some form of additional automation in their GRC programs in the coming year. Additionally, over half of GRC leaders (56%) expect to save days to weeks in task completion time by no longer relying on developers.

“We’re not surprised that so many GRC leaders employ a developer to make changes to technology as legacy GRC tools have not kept up with the changing GRC environment,” said Chris Pantaenius, CEO and co-founder of Onspring. “It’s clear in these findings that GRC leaders see a need for GRC platforms that can offer them strong integration capabilities, efficiencies across process workflows, and dynamic reporting features—saving them time and money.”

To read more insights from the survey, download the Onspring State of GRC Report.

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