Technology of the future.

Are you using it today?

For the most part, technology has changed our lives for the better. Technology in business definitely makes our jobs easier, reduces costs, and allows many of us to provide products and services we never thought possible. All that being said, it’s still fun to think about the past and reminisce about the “old days” in life and business. The way things have changed can almost always be traced back to some type of technology. I’m not talking about the dinosaur days of the old west, but how quickly things have changed over the last 25 years or so.

For example, back in my (earlier) day:

  • When the phone rang, you had no idea who was calling. You actually wanted to answer your phone to find out.
  • We had to look in a book to know what was going to be on TV that night.
  • We didn’t have 24-hour cartoon channels. In fact, we didn’t even have cartoon channels. We just had Saturday morning cartoons, and they were awesome!
  • We had to listen to music on small flat circles, and before that, less flat rectangles, and before that, thick squares, and before that, giant flat circles that you had to turn over to finish.
  • We had what we thought was Google represented in 26 volumes on the bottom of the bookshelf.

Technology is advancing rapidly, and it’s more important than ever to stay current in order to remain competitive. Did you purchase a great software product more than a few years ago? If so, I applaud you, but I also challenge you to look at better options available today.

Stop and think for a minute about just how fast things are changing around us. It was only about five to ten years ago that:

  • We had to call the Internet.
  • You could slam the phone down and not worry about cracking it.
  • Blockbuster was a destination for new movie releases, and Netflix existed purely for snail-mail DVDs.
  • Most multi-player video games required you to be sitting in the same room.
  • Heck, we still had a planet named Pluto.

All of these things, which seemed good at the time, became practically obsolete in the blink of an eye. If your company is a bit behind the times when it comes to automating business processes and utilizing better software, you’re not alone.

Has Your Technology Gone the Way of the Dinosaur?

Many companies, departments, and teams continue to use dated tools for information and process management. Even those that have advanced in technology may be using slow, inflexible systems. While we often hear, “it’s always worked for us in the past,” many who adopt new tools are blown away by how quickly they can solve problems and gain a new edge. People often think they’re doing just fine with their Excel spreadsheets…that is, until they experience the ease of use and agility of a modern software solution.

Regardless of whether you just want to speed up a process or utilize tools to improve AND speed up your process, a no-code platform like Onspring can help in many ways. For example, within Onspring you can:

  • Turn a manual, spreadsheet-based process into an automated, web-based process in mere minutes.

  • Create real-time reports on the fly and view them from any mobile device.

  • Get auto-notified of overdue tasks, expiring contracts, pending approvals, etc.

  • Route content across teams and departments with no manual intervention.

  • Ensure that nothing falls through the cracks using personalized work queues with reminders and management follow-up built-in.

Our clients use Onspring in areas such as Internal Audit, Vendor and Contract Management, Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management, and more. They’ve been able to report back rapid ROI in terms of dollars saved, manpower freed up to accomplish other tasks, and even stronger conversion rates for new business.

If you’re stuck with “back in the day” technology that doesn’t meet your needs, give Onspring a try. It may be just the thing you’ve been waiting for.

About the author


Matt Pugh
Executive Vice President at Onspring
20 years GRC experience