What is Live Report Filtering?

Live report filtering in Onspring is an easy way to distill a subset of results from collected results without needing to make an admin request. Learn how it’s helpful across audit, risk, project management, and others.

How to add live report filtering in Onspring


Onspring’s live dashboards and reports are valuable tools to users looking for collected data accuracy and real-time transparency. Now users have the ability to refine and filter this data even more right from their Onspring dashboard. No admin nor extra configuration is required.

We’ll take a look at Onspring’s live report filtering functionality and three examples of how to apply it IRL.

What is Live Report Filtering in Onspring?

Live report filtering in Onspring is an optional layer of data customization built right into the UX of Onspring’s reports, tables, and listings. A small funnel icon appears on field headings of both individual reports and dashboard reports. This icon also appears on the “All” tab on Onspring’s App/Survey content listing pages. End users click the icon to sort and sift general data according to an array of particular conditions or constraints, like time span, owner, location, criticality, and more. These live filters are applied in addition to any pre-configured filters in the report.

Live Report Filtering

Why Use Live Report Filtering?

The big benefit to live report filtering is that end users can filter on the fly—without the need for administrators to pre-filter or re-filter every report option needed. Essentially, the power to get exactly the data that you need from reports, tables, and lists is in the hands of every end-user.

Empowering the end-user to filter report data according to what he or she needs saves time and effort for administrators fielding multiple report requests and saves end-users from waiting for specialized reports. Changes made with live filters do not affect any other users’ views and can be applied or canceled in real-time.

3 Examples of Live Report Filtering in Onspring

Rather than view a snapshot of collected data, there are times when you’ll want to see a particular subset of data within a report. Using Onspring’s live report filters, you can re-sort and refine the report results to meet specific criteria. Here are a few useful examples.

If you’re an audit executive …

Execs are expected to keep tabs on risks to the business. This means, if you are an audit executive, you need to know the status of open audit mitigation plans. If you’re an Onspring user, that report already comes with Onspring’s out-of-the-box audit solution, so it’s readily at your fingertips.

But what if you want to see if there are bottlenecks in the process? Or trends in findings?

That’s when live report filtering comes in. You can filter reports directly from your audit dashboard to get further particular information—without asking your admin to filter for you.

Sticking with our open mitigations example, if you want to filter findings to see any that have implications to financial regulations, you can filter for that information directly within the report you’re viewing.

In this Onspring screenshot below, we see open audit mitigation plans by owner and status. Using the report filters, we can distill any open mitigation plans with findings tied to financial regulations like SOX control caps or PCI coverage gaps.

Here’s another example for auditors: Let’s say you want to understand how long your mitigation plans have been open and if there are trends among individuals managing those plans or their findings. Report filters can dig into outstanding plans by date or within a specific timeframe, like this month or last quarter.

You can further filter that report to see to whom those outstanding plans in the last quarter are assigned or what findings are associated with a plan. This means that right from the dashboard, you can dig into trending to reveal potential problems and to address them at the root level.

If you’re a risk manager …

As a risk management leader, you keep your eye on evolving changes to the organization’s risk profile. Checking your organization’s Risk Management dashboard each morning for an updated overview is a daily ritual.

But let’s say you want to review in more detail how your current risks and inherent risk scores relate to contracted third parties. Instead of navigating to another report, you can filter directly within the dashboard table to surface the exact data for which you’re looking.

Simply add a filter under the Risk category, and select Vendors to see your risks specific to third parties. You can filter this even further by adding a second filter that shows only risks associated with vendors who have inherent risk scores between medium-high and high thresholds.

This data drilling helps you identify where you might want to focus conversations with vendors and risk managers to create collaborative plans to reduce risk.

Risk Management Live Report Filtering

If you’re a project manager …

Here at Onspring, we use our own product to manage workloads and workflows, too. From setting goals to assigning tasks to evaluating analytics across teams, Onspring’s no-code platform makes it easy to build new workflows, so our in-house marketing team created a project management solution to manage their collaborative, daily work.

To allocate resources each month, our project manager reviews the workload of our creative team straight from our Open Tasks Report.

Project Management Live Report Filtering Example

By adding a filter directly from the Due Date column, our project manager can view the workload planned for our creative team and reprioritize efforts based on what deadlines and overallocation.

This simple reporting filter can also be used to view all overdue projects by team member or by project type to help identify where projects might be taking longer than expected, or conversely, executed quicker than anticipated.

This on-demand visibility into real-time project status enables our marketing team to stay nimble and agile in their planning and execution. Knowing which projects are underway and how close they are to completion for each task also helps them determine whether they can handle ad hoc requests from other teams.


Onspring live report filtering is an easy way to distill a subset of results from collected results without needing to make an admin request. This functionality retains the accuracy and integrity of configured reports while offering the flexibility for end-users to refine reporting results themselves.

Want to see how live report filtering in Onspring could work for you? Get a demo to see how this filtering works within any solution.


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