On-Demand Webinar:
A Practical Application of AI to GRC

AI in GRC Webinar Replay

Tipping points are coming fast for ML and generative AI.

By 2025, the majority of GRC pros expect at least 30% of corporate audits to be performed by AI. And that’s just the beginning.

But how can GRC—with all its moving parts—really take advantage and trust AI to get the job done?

Watch this session where we’ll discuss a realistic approach for leveraging AI in GRC. Andrew Gunter, Cential partner, and Jason Rohlf, Cential director, will share:

  • Relevant, AI-assisted, GRC use cases that you can apply to your own program
  • Best practices and tools for triggering AI support and protecting privacy
  • Processes for defining your own use cases and configuring your GRC solutions for AI
Automation Saves Time & Effort

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