Project Description

A Mobile Solution for Program Site Visit Reviews

A Healthcare Case Study

Sevita Customer of Onspring GRC


As a healthcare and human services company, Sevita regularly reviews each of its program sites to conduct performance and compliance evaluations. Historically inconsistent in execution, team members also found these visits difficult to document effectively.

Sevita used Onspring to create a mobile-friendly method of conducting reviews. This streamlined and structured the review process to provide consistency for all teams across the country.

Automation Fuels TeamsIn addition to improved intelligence gathering, Sevita’s management gained real-time visibility of each site’s performance and regulatory compliance.


Sevita (formerly known as The MENTOR Network)

Home & community-based healthcare

40 states
35,000 employees
50,000 individuals served

“Onspring’s ability to customize each of our site reviews to account for state-specific question sets has made the process so much more streamlined and effective.”

 – Dina Itkin, Director of Quality Reporting & Analytics

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The process Sevita Program Directors followed to conduct reviews of each program site was inconsistent and inefficient.

A series of questions and answer evaluations would vary by each program’s location because of variances in state regulations. Program Directors did not have a unified system for collecting and documenting evidence, such as photographs.

Overall, the process was manual, paper-heavy, and incredibly unfriendly for traveling fieldwork. All of this led to an increased risk for errors and unintended mismanagement of documentation.

Using Onspring, Sevita launched a pilot program in one state to build a scalable and synchronized process flexible enough to account for nuances in state-level regulations, while providing accurate and up-to-date reporting.


An application in Onspring fully manages program site visit reviews in all states and across multiple review categories:

  • Physical environment
  • Health & safety
  • Individual service plans
  • Funds
  • Behavior support plans
  • Community life
  • Supervisory oversight

Business Requirements:

  • The solution must be flexible, efficient & simple to use for everyone.
  • Reviews must be easy to complete with documented photos and the ability to assign follow-up tasks for remediation.
  • Detailed reporting must be available for management to tack reviews by location, reviewer, and status.
  • The mobile component must provide reviewers the ability to walk around a location with a list of site-specific assessment questions.

Managing location reviews in Onspring

Before conducting a program site visit review, two inputs are required by the reviewer for Onspring to serve up only the evaluation questions relevant.

The benefits of these two selections:

  1. Remove potential human error
  2. Ensures all aspects of the review are not overlooked
  3. Reduces the time to complete reviews

Input 1: Review Types

This determines the first layer of questions to serve the reviewer based on regulations and service lines.

Program Site Review Input 1

Input 2: Location

This adds the second layer of questions to serve the reviewer based on geographic location and operating group.

Program Site Review Input 2

Tracking program reviews in Onspring

As questions are answered, any ‘No’ responses are marked as non-compliant and trigger an automatic notification with a task assigned for follow-up.

Program Site Review Responses
Program Site Review Task Assignment

Status bars reflect percent complete and percent compliant as each question is answered in the review.

While the review is being conducted, management can view the data in real-time from a dashboard.

Program Review Percent Complete


After a successful pilot program, program site visit reviews are now conducted in Onspring across all 50 states, with additional state-specific reviews being added, such as nursing and maintenance reviews, plus company-wide network performance reviews.

Reporting Improvements

  • Real-time at-a-glance views into the status of program site visit completions & outstanding tasks

  • Sevita management automatically receives reports on team activity & progress

Process Improvements

  • Standardized documents, consistent process & detailed reporting

  • Accurately and easily accounts for regulatory variables by state, service line & regulatory body

  • Easier method to conduct reviews in fieldwork & assign tasks to owners

  • Improved task completion rate after program site review visits

  • Ad hoc task assignment allows reviewers to assign required tasks outside the scope of the review

  • Photograph attachments simplified verification of outstanding tasks

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