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Video Transcript: Achieve Your Vision with Onspring

Michael DeCero: It’s not can Onspring do it, it’s how do we make it happen on Onspring? I really liked that ability to figure out new ways of doing things.

Meredith Maher: We wanted something that was quick, easily manipulated and easily reportable and very consistent. So, if a client wants it year after year after year, they’re going to get the same results year after year after year.

Aaron Ferguson: It’s so great to be able to tell a story with data on a single page where, otherwise, you could have, a 12-page report double-spaced and nobody reads it, nobody gets the concepts. But if you can relate a story simply and really compel them to think that there’s some good action that needs to come from that, I think that’s a win every time.

Chris Redner: We may have started with an Excel sheet and maybe, to some level, we have made that Excel sheet work, but then there’s so much more that can be done to make it better.

Michael DeCero: I’m hoping to spend a certain percentage of my time just playing around in it. That’s what I really like about the Onspring system. You could play around in it, figure out new things to do that maybe even the Onspring team didn’t think about. I really liked that relationship so we could figure those things out.

Chris Leatherwood: You’re able to call anyone. I’ve personally spoken with Katie a few times. I know that I’ve even spoken with Jason, VP of Solutions. Spoken with Kyle, VP of Sales. Anyone and everyone’s willing to help. Specifically, when you do get into some very technical questions, the support that you get is within minutes in most cases and within hours in almost all cases.

Kris Reed: It’s not about can Onspring do it, it’s how to do it in Onspring. There is a way to do anything in there because it is so dynamic. So, just start with an idea and start building it out.

Meredith Maher:  Onspring’s a tool that can do anything you dream up. You just keep dreaming and it can do it.

Ryan Lougheed:  It is a large playground that is really forgiving. You can’t really screw it up.

Chris Redner:  My favorite meetings are the ones where we’ve done all of this preparation and I go back to my desk and I work for a week or two. And then we go back and I get to show them for the first time. All right, this is what you told me you want. I always go in prepared with dashboards and reports so that they get the, “Wow”, the first meeting. Is this what you want? And it’s fun to watch their faces.