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Learn why the TDS Internal Audit team is replacing their “big company” audit management software with the fast & flexible Onspring platform.

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Video Transcript: Michael DeCero

The reason I love working with Onspring is we’re a fairly big company, we’re a Fortune 500 organization, and it just gets crowded, right? Our old providers of software were those bigger companies, and I didn’t feel like I was treated like a customer that they wanted. I was more like a nuisance to them. Onspring is totally different.  I love the freshness. They’re trying to make Onspring better, they want the company to grow, and I could see that in each and every one of the individuals that I’ve worked with on the Onspring team. I’m seeing that same passion shared with the customers that are here, too. It’s just one big family trying to make this product be as good as possible, because if Onspring is successful, that means we’re successful. I see that dual vision, if you will, that they want to strive for. And that’s what I like the most about it.

What I’m loving that I’m seeing in these conferences and in the workshops that we had earlier this week was the flexibility. So, hey, there’s many ways that you could do something. Another phrase that was said was, “It’s not can Onspring do it, it’s how do we make it happen in Onspring?” I really like that ability to figure out new ways of doing things.

What’s really going to help our team is we have a lot of creative and curious people on our team, as a good auditor should be. And we’re going to open it up to them for ideas. We’re going to have a log of things like, what are some ideas that you could think of in this system that we’re not thinking of? And develop a enhancement log, if you will, on our own, working with the Onspring team to figure those things out. What that’s going to do is just raise the ceiling so much higher for us to be more efficient and be more valuable to the business.