Learn how Onspring helps you build and map your control library, perform control testing, manage compliance issues, and report in real time.

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Video Transcript: Compliance Software Demo

Welcome to Onspring! I’m Jason Rohlf, and today, I’ll show you a modern, flexible solution for managing internal controls and compliance activities. Onspring helps you stay organized, work efficiently, align your efforts with a range of compliance requirements, and focus on what matters.

In this brief demo, you’ll see:

  • How cloud-based software can help you improve visibility and accuracy
  • How you can build your internal control library and map it to the regulations, standards, and policies that govern your business
  • How you can test and validate controls while managing deficiencies
  • And how you can report clearly, accurately, and instantly in multiple formats

If this short video captures your attention, I invite you to take a closer look. Connect with us at Onspring.com, and we’ll be happy to provide a deeper demo of our Controls & Compliance solution.

But for now, let’s jump into Onspring.

A few things you should know:

  1. Onspring is a no-code platform for process automation, workflow, collaboration and reporting. That means it’s fully configurable with no custom code.
  2. Our solutions adapt to your needs. Because Onspring is flexible, you can modify any data element through a drag-and-drop interface. With Onspring, you’re in control.
  3. Onspring is designed for teams of all sizes, whether you have 5 users or 5,000. Each user can log in to see their individual tasks and action items, while management gets the big-picture view they need.

Let’s start our tour on the Control Program Monitoring dashboard in Onspring. This serves as the hub of your compliance activities. Here, we have a real-time view of active controls by compliance status, owner, control validation, testing activity and more. You can easily adapt this dashboard to your needs through drag-and-drop configuration.

Let’s dive into the Control Library. Here, we capture a variety of data elements, including the control name, status, framework objectives, type and description. As we scroll down, you’ll see that we can document testing procedures and the control frequency and placement, whether that’s preventative, detective or corrective. Additionally, we can capture the control owner and assigned tester, which allows us to tailor reports and deliver targeted messages to these users.

If your organization has a set of standard controls, you can load those into the Master Controls app within Onspring, and individual deployments of those controls can be captured here in the Control Library. Looking at this reference field, you can see the relationship between the master control and the individual control deployment.

Here in the Organization References section, you can relate this control to specific regulations, policies, subsidiaries or business units, processes, locations and risks. Forming these relationships equips you with powerful reporting capabilities. The more data you capture in Onspring, the more meaningful relationships you can form in the Control Library.

Now, let’s look at Control Testing within Onspring. Here, we can perform design tests and capture any noted deficiencies. Scrolling down, we can also document and attach evidence of testing activities. And here, we can perform control validations and track the results. Onspring’s real-time reporting makes it easy to understand where controls stand in the testing and validation process.

Now, let’s look at compliance issues within Onspring. Notice that we can define the owner who is responsible for resolving the issue. Scrolling down to the Response section, the owner can document a simple response or a detailed mitigation plan. And finally, we can track the results and send automated reminders to issue owners and their managers so findings stay on their radar.

The last item I want to show you today is our reporting capability within Onspring. We offer two flavors of reporting:

  • Real-time reports that you can view in Onspring from your computer, tablet or smartphone
  • And dynamic documents that you can generate in Word or PDF format. These documents can include content from multiple Onspring apps, including controls, regulations, policies, design and operating tests, findings and more.

If you’d like to see more, we’d be happy to show you. Visit Onspring.com and click the Demo button to connect with us.

Thanks for your time, and please reach out with any questions.