Start a workflow in Onspring directly from Slack

Start a workflow in Onspring directly from Slack

Learn how to create records in Slack to trigger automated workflows in Onspring

Automate your workflows for onboarding vendors, creating IT ticket requests, or managing incidents directly inside Onspring straight from Slack. Onspring’s open API and business process automation technology helps you integrate information among departments and your existing tech stack—and now it’s even easier for Slack users.

Onspring’s Slack record creation feature means anyone in your business can create new records in Onspring using Slack forms. This simple and quick method for data entry can initiate workflows in Onspring, creating more efficiencies when logging IT help desk tickets, requesting a new vendor, or even reporting an HR incident.

How to use Slack to start workflows in Onspring

Starting a workflow in Onspring from Slack is as simple as this: a team member selects a Slack channel, calls a pre-built form in Slack, then enters and submits their data record. That data directly connects to Onspring, which means any one of your team members can add records in Onspring to initiate workflows.

Step 1: Select a Slack Channel

How to set up your Slack integration in Onspring Step 1


Step 2: Initiate a call to access a pre-built Slack form


Step 3: Enter and submit your data

How to set up your Slack integration in Onspring Step 3

Big Benefit: You can use Onspring as your central source of information to house data, manage projects, and track progress against any one of your initiatives without adding licenses. Everyone in your organization can continue using the everyday communication tools while keeping work flowing and data up to date all the time.

When to use Slack to start workflows in Onspring

To help illustrate the simplicity of creating records and initiating workflows in Onspring directly from Slack, we’ve outlined a few examples where you can utilize this in your organization.

New Vendor Onboarding

Slack is a simple and easy way to add data in Onspring to kick off the vendor onboarding process. A Slack form to input data records into Onspring makes the information collection process easier for vendor managers and procurement while keeping all vendor data organized and reportable in Onspring.

When vendor information is submitted through a Slack channel, it automatically loads into the vendor review queue in Onspring for vendor managers to process.

Any pertinent info to capture (e.g. name, relationship owner, type, etc.) in Onspring can be submitted directly from the Slack form. As a result, this Slack integration serves as an easy, streamlined entry point for anyone in your organization—not just those with Onspring seats.

When onboarding a new vendor, submitting the necessary inputs via Slack creates the initial record in Onspring to begin your vendor onboarding process.

New Vendor Onboarding via Slack in Onspring

How to set up your Slack integration in Onspring Step 2

Using Slack to Initiate Vendor Onboarding

This Slack integration builds upon Onspring’s vendor management solution to provide even more flexibility and a better user experience for your vendor teams. Using Onspring to onboard vendors automates the onboarding process for greater accuracy and more efficiency. And once your new vendors are onboarded, you can also use Slack to add any new risks identified from vendor due diligence, as part of a Onspring’s vendor management solution.

IT Help Desk Ticketing with Slack

Get locked out of your account again? Did you jam the printer? Are your missing emails stuck from the firewall? Or let’s say that your laptop was stolen, and you need to report the incident immediately.

Send a note directly to your IT Help Desk easily and quickly with a simple form from Slack. The automation capabilities of Onspring adds your help desk ticket directly into the IT Help Desk queue so agents can triage incoming tickets and assign them to the right person based on priority and availability.

The ability for any team member in your organization to post IT Help Desk tickets on the fly frees up time and keeps everyone working in their daily communication channels.

IT Help Desk Ticketing with Slack in Onspring

How to set up your Slack integration in Onspring Step 2

Using Slack to Log an Incident

Onspring’s ITSM solution helps IT teams address common issues by automating help desk tickets. All inbound tickets can be queued based on the data provided by the user, which means your IT team already has inbound requests prioritized. IT Help Desks are often a pain point for IT departments because they can be challenging to scale and require a lot of manual labor to maintain, and this is exactly where Onspring can help out.

  • Save time by sending messages directly to your IT Help Desk.
  • Stay organized with a single location for all your requests.
  • Receive instant notifications when someone replies to your message.
  • Quickly search through all your information.

Using Slack for record creation in Onspring enables faster troubleshooting while simultaneously providing a positive end-user experience. We’ve seen firsthand how important it is to address these issues quickly across your organization.

HR Incident Management

Slack can also be used to create records in Onspring for an incident report, HR issue, or a whistleblower or harassment complaint. When a data record is added from Slack to Onspring, a workflow can notify your human resources team for immediate follow-up. Remember, all data elements added to Onspring from Slack are recorded so you can maintain a documentation process with all relevant information and submission dates.

When it comes to incidents related to human resources, it is critical to maintain privacy and security. If you have special considerations, you can create a Slack form that submits data anonymously to maintain privacy.

HR Incident Management via Slack in Onspring

How to set up your Slack integration in Onspring Step 2

Using Slack to Log an HR Complaint


The Slack integration with Onspring helps organizations optimize their processes by enabling users to initiate workflows directly from Slack with simple data entry from a Slack form. These small savings in time add up quickly and keep your users in the communication tools that are also streamlining their day.


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