Celebrating Boxing Day

Don’t Get Boxed In with Your ERM Solution

I vaguely remember the first time I heard about Boxing Day. I was just a kid, probably seven or eight, and while I had a lot of wild, silly ideas move through my brain about the day and what it could possibly be, there were a couple of specific questions that I wanted answers to: Why do they have boxing matches the day after Christmas, and why is it even a holiday?

First, it is very much a holiday, just not in the USA. And no, boxing is not involved. For all of you curious readers, here are a few facts about the day:

  • Boxing Day is celebrated in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and other countries.
  • It is always on December 26, the day after Christmas. It dates to the days of Queen Victoria, but it probably goes back to medieval times.
  • The name seems to stem from a reference to holiday gifts, but no one knows where the name originated. It’s probably from the wealthy English people giving gifts, cash and time off to their servants on the December 26, a way to thank them for their service on Christmas.
  • As I noted above, boxing is not a part of Boxing Day. However, some of the former British colonies now have prizefighting contests on the day. And on December 26, 1971, Muhammad Ali and Jürgen Blin fought in Zürich, Switzerland—Ali won by a knockout in the seventh round.
  • Fun stuff – In the midst of doing a little research on Boxing Day, Google returned this notation from Snopes: Did Boxing Day get its name from the need to rid your house of empty boxes after Christmas? No, it did not—100% false.

Out of the Box

How does Boxing Day tie in with enterprise risk management (ERM) and other solution offerings, or with Onspring in general? It’s literally about the box, or specifically, what’s in it and how you can use it. One of the things we pride ourselves on at Onspring is the overall readiness of our platform. Our development team has done a fantastic job keeping our solutions not just up-to-date within industry standards, but by making sure to include the newest working processes set forth by all of the different groups and requirements our platform serves; we keep our offerings aligned closely with the changing needs of the industry.

We are out-of-the-box ready—you could also call us off-the-shelf ready, meaning Onspring does not require a special development effort. And since I’m throwing around synonyms, you could even say our solutions are “turnkey”—they are ready to use immediately.

Never Boxed In

When using Onspring’s solutions every day, there are a couple of different out-of-the-box paths you can take:

  • You can move forward with the solution as it has been developed.
  • You can tweak it, add to it or change it around to meet all of your particular process needs.
  • You can even have our Professional Services Team come in and make enhancements.

Every day is boxing day for us—actually, every day can be out-of-the-box day, so to speak. Onspring doesn’t box you in with a take it or leave platform of solutions, but we do provide an out-of-the-box instance that can have you moving at full speed with your ERM processes almost immediately.

The next time the topic of Boxing Day comes up, impress your friends and colleagues with your new-found knowledge of the holiday—tell them about the queen, servants and Snopes. Maybe you can even tell them that Onspring celebrates “out-of-the-box” day all the time, supplying our clients with the type of instance experience that suits their specific needs. Onspring is on it when it comes to providing the type of box everyone likes to open.

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