GRC Platform Bogging You Down? Maybe It’s Time to Take a Leap

Bonus Content: If you’re thinking about changing GRC platforms but aren’t sure how or where to start, we invite you to download our Free E-Book: Making the GRC Leap – A Platform Conversion Guide.

Is your current GRC system clunky? Do your users find it difficult to use your current platform? Is your product unchanged, the same as it was the day you first used it? Is the amount of money you spend on support ridiculously high?

For anyone involved in the GRC process, the importance of a high-functioning, flexible platform is undeniable. Having the right system means high productivity that brings dynamic results; a poor platform can cause constant slow downs and many other issues. I consulted with Onspring staff members who collectively have more than 40 years experience configuring GRC platforms for organizations all over the world. The result? My first e-book, Making the GRC Leap, has just been released, and if you’re looking to upgrade and improve your current situation, this is a must read.

The best thing about the e-book is that it doesn’t matter where you are in the change process, or even if you have yet to consider a change. Making the GRC Leap takes the reader through all aspects of moving from one platform to a new, better tool set.

The e-book is divided into four parts.

Making the GRC Leap contains multiple checklists and questions to consider as you move through the different stages of a GRC platform conversion. Is ROI an important consideration that will be a part of your new solution selection process? That’s covered, too.

Wherever you are in the platform evaluation process, narrowing your choices down and selecting a new tool set is never easy. This guide helps balance out the pros and cons of what your needs really are as you evaluate your current system and prepare to make a final leap to a new GRC platform.

I hope you find the information in Making the GRC Leap useful and helpful as you make the decision to change platforms. Get your hands on the e-book today—download it right here from the Onspring website.

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Making the GRC Leap – A Platform Conversion Guide

Considering taking the leap from a dated GRC platform to a modern solution? Our step-by-step approach to platform evaluation, selection and implementation can help.

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