Business-driven approach proves value for IT teams

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., May 12, 2020 — Onspring, a leading intelligent automation and real-time reporting platform that provides cloud-based solutions for risk and vendor management and internal audit, announces the launch of its newest no-code software solution: IT Service Management (ITSM). Onspring’s newest solution of robust automation capabilities is built to save time and money while mitigating risk for IT service departments. This debut is the latest industry-specific tool in the company’s business automation suite of solutions.

With an ITIL-designed approach, Onspring’s ITSM solution builds upon the cornerstones of Incident Management and Problem Management to offer a configurable range of automated processes across the ticketing lifecycle and IT operations. From faster resolutions to standardized workflows to automated compliance initiatives and proactive troubleshooting, the Onspring platform streamlines and tracks ITSM activity while aggregating that data into business-specific reports—which showcases IT’s impact on the effective performance of the enterprise.

Organizations that implement the Onspring ITSM solution can see interrelational insights that show the value of ITSM efficiencies and inform decisions to reduce IT risk and better allocate resources.

“We know that IT leaders are looking for simple ways to remedy the request overload while simultaneously showing exactly how IT teams contribute significant value to the whole company,” says Chad Kreimendahl, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. “Our Onspring platform is made to automate problem-solving and reduce risk, ultimately saving the enterprise time and money. Few things measurably demonstrate ITSM value better than that.”

About Onspring

Onspring provides workflow automation and real-time data visualization through cloud-based software. The company’s no-code platform means every user can create automated workflows and reporting dashboards across business units without development resources, providing flexibility for those who want both convenience and customization. Recognized as a stand-out technology, Onspring customers provide 5-star reviews for its ability to deliver top solutions for GRCvendor managementinternal auditbusiness continuity & disaster recovery.