Onspring Launches Portal to Deliver a Seamlessly Connected User Ecosystem

Launched at Onspring’s 2023 Connect User Conference, the Onspring Portal Delivers a Secure, Convenient, Personalized Workspace for Internal Business Users and External Business Partners to Streamline and Collaborate on GRC Programs

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas, October 9, 2023 — Onspring, a no-code GRC software platform, announced the launch of Onspring Portal, which delivers a secure, personalized workspace for customer user ecosystems to effortlessly work together on governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) systems. Available with the Onspring platform, Portal provides single-point access and extends to all current applications and surveys – empowering internal users and external partners with self-service to quickly find designated information and collaborative functions.

Portal Examples in Onspring

“Through Onspring Portal, we’re delivering on a promise to customers to help forge stronger GRC relationships internally and externally and amplify efficiencies through incident management, knowledge sharing, and seamless collaboration,” said Ryan Lougheed, Director of Product. “With Portal, Onspring customers can streamline ticketing, vendor management, perform evidence gathering, and execute exception, audit, and risk management, as well as policy and awareness management.”

Users with access to Portal – even non-Onspring users such as vendors, partners, or external stakeholders – can review work, create records, and read and update records and survey records to which they are assigned in Onspring. Data is securely controlled and integrated within the Onspring platform, while the Onspring Portal enables greater cooperation with authorized users and external partners.

Onspring Portal offers the following features:

  • On-Demand Content Review – On-demand access gives users a direct path to their own project areas. Portal supports viewing content, surveys, reports, key metrics, and company resources, applications, and request intake.
  • Control Access and Permissions – Govern accessibility and secure data through authentication protocols, log-in credentials, unique user URLs, and permissioned content determined by the customer’s team.
  • Track Status in Real-Time – Users can see pertinent work status for surveys and content records requiring their attention, as well as previously completed items.
  • Unified Data Display – Portal can bring content from one or more apps into a single dashboard display. Multiple dashboards can be created in each customer’s Portal for unique users, and content can be isolated across each dashboard. Users can have access to more than one Portal dashboard.
  • Issue Requests – Submit requests, log incidents, or report issues in one streamlined experience. Users can track progress and include selected notes, emails, and documents for easy communication.

Onspring Portal helps organizations retain their brand identity by centralizing content-related activities in a branded hub and customizing help pages and FAQs based on each customer’s Portal configurations and available data. No navigation controls are necessary for Portal – a brief, guided experience for first-timers or infrequent users is included.

Onspring continues to offer the industry the most comprehensive governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) software. Onspring recently announced it has achieved the FedRAMP In Process designation for Onspring GovCloud, a key milestone in receiving FedRAMP Authorization. The company recently launched version 25.0 of its no-code GRC software, which brings the entire business ecosystem together to improve business intelligence, governance, alignment, and resilience.

For the fifth consecutive year, Onspring ranked as the #1 GRC software in the InfoTech Research Group leader and maintained 5-star customer reviews on G2 Crowd and Capterra software review sites. The company has also been a Trust Award finalist in Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery.

About Onspring

Onspring is a no-code GRC software that connects data and teams to improve business intelligence, governance, alignment, and resilience. When people are empowered to create their own workflows, processes, requirements, and reporting, teams are more productive, and business runs better. With over 550,000 users around the globe, Onspring’s software helps businesses in every industry track and better manage their workflows.