Horror Movies

Are You Scared Yet? You Should Be

By Chad Kreimendahl

At Onspring, we’ve spent much of our time and effort, both in product design and simply running our business, avoiding the “boogeymen” that disrupt so many forward-thinking companies. Running this gauntlet of ghouls has taught us many things, and the lessons of our former lives have frequently guided us when we might otherwise have wandered in the dark.

I personally believe that one of the things that differentiates Onspring—our product, company and people—is the method by which we approach our problems and our future. In traditional product companies (and specifically software companies), there is a strong focus on design details: the positive things a feature will accomplish or sometimes the lesser “what it will look like.” What is often missed (and to be honest, what I find most exciting) is how we avoid the known dangers… the monsters.

The subject of this upcoming blog series will be one entirely of constructive criticism. I’ll take a look at the product design and software development processes within organizations, large and small, and the decision-making weaknesses that can cause severe, sometimes debilitating effects on your product.

Each post in this series will cover an individual weakness. These are the monsters. They have names, and each has a story to tell:

  • The Zombie: Design Hubris
  • Frankenstein: Lack of Planning & Care
  • The Mummy: Ancient Technology
  • The Vampire: Feasting on Others

Stay tuned if you’re ready for a good scare.

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