Video: How Technology Impacts the Internal Auditor of Today

Turn the pages of any Internal Audit publication, and you’ll see a prevalent theme: the role of technology in the IA profession of the future. Auditors are handling more (and more complex) data than ever before, and technology plays a crucial role in transforming this data into actionable intelligence.

Internal Audit Insights, a publication of the MIS Training Institute (MISTI) recently interviewed our own Jason Rohlf, VP of Solutions at Onspring, about the evolving role of technology in the Internal Audit profession. Here’s a quick excerpt from the MISTI article:

“Given the rapid evolution of technology, the internal auditor of today finds themselves facing many unknowns as it relates to their roles and responsibilities, unknowns that are primarily attributed to the troves of data that is readily available in the enterprise. Add the fact that the information can be located in various silos depending on the line of business, and things start to get even more complicated.

On the flip side, this can also be seen as a significant opportunity for internal audit to tap into the information, analyze and make sense of it, and use it to the business’s benefit. Simply put, it’s a blessing and a curse for internal auditors, according to Jason Rohlf, vice president of solutions at Onspring. But with the emergence of technology such as machine learning, Rohlf believes it’s only a matter of time before future internal auditors can streamline how they tackle massive sets of data.”

Catch Jason’s complete interview in the video below.

Video Credit: MIS Training Institute

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