Project Description

A case study on partner program management

Finding a better way to manage partner program onboarding, work orders, and sub-contracting was a significant priority for Aronson Security Group (ADT). With a large and complex security network worldwide, every partner required detailed attention, which was leading to major pain points and a slowdown in performance. ADT reimagined its partner program and expanded its current use of Onspring to incorporate management of partner relationships. This new application of automation and access to real-time insights led ADT to identify previously hidden revenue opportunities.

“Onspring has become an indispensable tool for our entire organization.”
– Director of Risk & Compliance, ADT


Company: ADT Security Services

Industry: Security & investigations

Reach: Global

Size: 95 employees

Solutions: Vendor Management


ADT works with companies all over the world that are put through rigorous vetting and documentation progress. While robust and detailed, this process lacked a centralized management system to track and review each individual partner. Finding a better way to manage partner onboarding, work orders, and sub-contracting became a priority to remove disparate storage folders and integrate data across the enterprise.


industries served
(each with unique compliance regulations)


partner solutions offered
(consulting, integrations & managed services)


The first thought to a scalable partner management solution was Onspring.

ADT’s General Counsel was already using Onspring’s corporate counsel solution and had a strong understanding of how the platform could be utilized to solve different problems. After an initial platform evaluation with ADT’s SVP of Operations, the General Counsel went to work reviewing Onspring’s vendor management solution. This evaluation identified how pre-defined workflows and reporting could be adjusted to manage and track their partner program.

ADT customized four components of the existing solution’s processes to specifically fit their new program. The General Counsel made all updates using the drag-and-drop no-code functionality of Onspring, which enabled an incredible quick launch and avoided incurring costs from IT resources.

Vendor Management Icon Onspring Blue Line

Global partners hub

  • Onspring became the central hub to track active partners, their respective locations and services provided, as well as associated contracts and performance metrics.
  • Information received from partner onboarding surveys, contract updates, and sub-contract orders automatically feed into the hub.
IT Incident Management Icon Onspring Yellow Line

Onboarding process

  • Onboarding assessments deliver via survey to new partners and to cover policies, procedures, physical security, information security, network infrastructure, business continuity and disaster recovery plans.
  • New information related to partner relationships, associated contracts, and related services and contracts feeds into the global partners hub.
  • Reporting provides the ADT team with real-time visibility into the onboarding status of each partner.
Vendor Onboarding in Onspring Vendor Management Software

Contract management

  • ADT project coordinators now manage all elements of the contract review process and associated documents in one central location.
  • This workflow automates the facilitation of reviews, approvals, renewals, and termination stages of the contract lifecycle.
Contracts by type and status report in Onspring Vendor Management Software
Policy Management Icon Onspring Yellow Line

Sub-contract orders

  • A new workflow was created to manage sub-contract orders associated with all global partners to manage document collection, risk assessments, and overall due diligence.
  • Automatic notifications alert the ADT team when contracts and sub-contracts come up for review and need to be re-evaluated for updates.


With information now at their fingertips and hours of time saved each week by avoiding unnecessary manual tasks, the team at ADT identified revenue-improving opportunities with partners. In addition to savings hours of time each week investigating partner assessments of contracts, ADT has improved its bottom line.

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