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Onspring’s platform creates efficiencies for in-house legal teams looking to contribute strategic advice while delivering day-to-day regulatory compliance.

Onspring’s corporate counsel software helps you manage documents, approvals & workflows.

Corporate Counsel Analytics from Onspring Process Automation Software

Onspring’s corporate counsel enterprise solution not only provides time-saving workflow automation but also creates checks, double-checks and balances to keep all details accounted for and up-to-date. Your team’s real-time reporting and keen insights help the enterprise meet its goals while you maximize your team’s efficiency and with requests, legal matters, collaboration, compliance and cost tracking.

Here’s Why Businesses Automate their Corporate Counsel Operations

Corporate Counsel Software Automation with Onspring

Process Automation Capabilities

  • Manage every step of contract submissions, reviews, approvals, renewals and expirations

  • Organize legal requests by priority, regulation affiliated, type and deadline

  • Relate contracts, policies, clauses and notes to departments, business units, or regulations to uncover hidden risks

  • Send automated notifications to communicate opinions, updates and changes

  • Schedule recurring reviews of regulations, policies and clauses for accuracy and adjustment

  • Control access by user, group & role

Analytics Capabilities

  • View legal requests by type, feature and priority

  • Analyze contract spend by vendor, department or stage

  • Plan workload with calendar displays of coming contract or legal review deadlines

  • Customize dashboards by user, group & role

Corporate Counsel Software Analytics with Onspring
Process Automation Software from Onspring

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Yes, a clause library is included in Onspring’s Corporate Counsel enterprise solution. It serves as a repository for Liabilities, Agreements, Property Management, Confidentiality and other clauses. In addition to offering dynamic document capabilities, your library enables you to create & use one clause for multiple contracts. Many of our customers use the clause library to automate the selection of their clauses based on type of contract. This automation can drive different levels of workflows based on the type of contract and the clauses selected.

Yes, Onspring can integrate with DocuSign. Onspring has an open API so you can integrate with any of your favorite tools.

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      3. Web Training: On-demand videos are available 24/7 so you can learn to use Onspring on your schedule. Topics include configuring apps, importing data, creating surveys, using formulas, automating processes and more.
      4. Free Friday Training: The name says it all. It’s free and held on Fridays twice per month. These 30-minute remote learning sessions often highlight new features so you always know what’s available for use.

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