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Our job is to make your job easier. And when it comes to managing both physical and digital assets, Onspring’s asset management solution provides an effective, organized and trackable system to keep tabs on anything and everything in your business.

Onspring aggregates & relates assets for better visibility & impact accuracy.

Asset Management Analytics from Onspring GRC Software

Onspring’s asset management enterprise solution connects asset information and implications from one plan to another automatically— without extra effort to update risk management, such flagging the respective asset in your catalog each time a related incident is logged.  Plus, you can implement and customize in perpetuity on your own without the need of IT dev resources.

Here’s Why Businesses Automate their Asset Management

Asset Management Software Automation Onspring

Process Automation Capabilities

  • Log and track assets across an enterprise.

  • Automatically connect assets to business impact analyses and business continuity plans.

  • Communicate potential asset risks based on financial value or relation to policies and controls.

  • Control access by user, group & role.

Analytics Capabilities

  • Evaluate assets by process, location, business continuity plan and business impact rating.

  • Identify potential risks by asset aggregation in certain geographies or by date of acquisition.

  • Measure lifetime financial value of acquired assets by category.

  • Customize dashboards by user, group and role.

Asset Management Software Analytics Onspring
Process Automation Software from Onspring

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Assets tracked in Onspring can be tagged to connect into business continuity plans, policies, controls and risk mitigation plans. Many Onspring customers find that they are able to create more company-wide value through this centralized approach to asset management.

Once you or your designated administrator completes training, yes, you can implement Onspring on your own. Many of our customers start by purchasing our configured enterprise solutions and customizing to fit the unique elements of their organization. Training ensures success and faster implementation. The beauty of your training + our no-code platform is that anyone with knowledge of your business can implement and run point as a system administrator – no developers or IT resources are needed for implementation or even for updates.

If you have complex processes, we recommend consulting with our professional services team first. They can work with you to ensure optimal set up, or configure solutions to fit your exact business needs.

Learn more about our implementation and customization services >

Onspring offers multiple types of training, which can be combined for an ongoing learning experience:

      1. Onspring Essentials: This immersive class for administrators teaches the fundamentals of configuration and best practices for end-user adoption.
      2. Bootcamps: These focused training classes for administrators dive deep into specific Onspring features to help you achieve your goals for data management, process automation and reporting.
      3. Web Training: On-demand videos are available 24/7 so you can learn to use Onspring on your schedule. Topics include configuring apps, importing data, creating surveys, using formulas, automating processes and more.
      4. Free Friday Training: The name says it all. It’s free and held on Fridays twice per month. These 30-minute remote learning sessions often highlight new features so you always know what’s available for use.

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