Learn how Onspring helps you manage reported incidents and related problems across your enterprise.

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Video Transcript: IT Service Management Software Demo

Welcome to our overview of Onspring’s Incident and Problem Management Solution. Onspring offers a highly configurable cloud based platform that enables our clients to solve a wide variety of business problems in the manner that best suits their needs. In this video, we will provide a brief overview of how Onspring can help you manage reported incidents and related problems through our simple, easy to use interface.

You can enable the capture of incidents in Onspring in a variety of ways. Users can log incidents directly into Onspring using our simple interface.

Onspring also has the capability to create new incident records via email, or through an integration to another system where users may be logging their incidents. For example, SharePoint or Slack.

Once incidents are logged, your incident program management team can get to work on resolving issues.

Onspring enables you to triage new incidents, categorize them for reporting and SLA purposes, and assign the team member who will be responsible for reviewing the incident. You can also leverage Onspring’s automation controls to auto assign incident responders. For example, you can automatically assign a specific responder based on incident type.

Incident responders can access Onspring to work the items awaiting their attention. Responders can access their assigned incidents and provide response details, request additional information, and escalate incidents to subject matter experts for additional review, relate incidents to impacted organization elements for tracking purposes, manage tasks associated with resolving the incident, and escalate incidents to problem status, if required.

You can leverage the problem management capabilities of the Onspring solution to outline problem details and root causes, review related incidents and prioritize resolution activities, manage key tasks and notes associated with the problem, and manage the overall resolution and review of problems.

Finally, you can leverage Onspring’s dashboard and reporting capabilities to evaluate and manage the overall status of your incident and problem management program.

Please visit www.onspring.com for more information. Thank you for watching.