Onspring announces the launch of Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) process automation solution

Businesses can now easily standardize, consolidate, measure & track ESG initiatives with Onspring

March 1, 2022Onspring, a no-code process automation software, today announced the launch of its Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) solution on its leading no-code process automation platform. Onspring’s ESG software solution centralizes data, automates assessments, streamlines sustainability disclosure reporting and simplifies management of enterprise ESG initiatives — helping organizations to demonstrate ESG success with audit-ready ESG data in a manner that investors can trust.

Onspring’s ESG solution eliminates disparate, manual and unreliable data pocketed in silos and spreadsheets; documents repeatable ESG criteria, measurements and reporting; and accelerates organizations’ ability to improve overall ESG scores. The solution automatically measures and tracks factor-related performance for accurate ESG reporting in connection to an enterprise’s overall risk management program to build valuable trust with institutional investors and stakeholders.

“Spreadsheets will no longer meet the growing demands of ESG management for enterprises. The stakes around ESG are too high, and the risks posed by human error and time needed to manually execute ESG initiatives will soon burden already overworked teams. Connecting ESG management into enterprise-wide operating procedures — including customer experience, employee programs and risk management — in an effective and efficient manner is what will push a business to become truly best-in-class.” Chris Pantaenius, Onspring CEO

According to Ernst & Young, ESG is becoming a driving force behind business continuity planning and supply chain resilience. While ESG initiatives have increasingly become a corporate focus, many enterprises have struggled to successfully standardize, consolidate and track their ESG initiatives with confidence. With the growing number of frameworks being rolled out to regulate ESG initiatives, such as the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), organizations are facing mounting pressure to report on ESG performance in a standardized way.

One such business that has invested in ESG initiatives is Sevita, a leading provider of home and community-based specialty healthcare. While the organization has developed a long-term strategy for ESG initiatives and had steps in place to improve existing practices, Sevita sought a scalable approach to launch annual assessments and execute annual ESG plans that targeted focal areas for improvement. With Onspring’s help, Sevita designed an application based on its established seven ESG pillars in order to focus its strategy and define specific improvement areas. Using Onspring, all ESG efforts are tracked against these pillars and re-evaluated annually to measure progress and determine adjustments that could improve practices, policies and training initiatives.

“Onspring is fantastic. With it, we can easily track ESG assessments and tasks, while viewing our ESG score year-over-year. Before Onspring, our data was in multiple systems that took time to track down, plus we were managing annual work plans in manual spreadsheets. The Onspring team is great to work with and helps us address all of our needs,” Jennifer Neville, Associate General Counsel, Sevita.

Onspring’s ESG solution offers flexible pricing options to fit specific needs and budget levels. Customers can purchase the new solution as a standalone option, individual user licenses, or a combination of the two with a new hybrid model. Each option also provides different access levels to the ESG solution and Onspring’s platform, depending on customer needs.

The Onspring ESG solution includes:

  • Processes for overall ESG data, programming, improvement plans, surveys, internal and external assessments, and remediations.
  • Interactive reports to analyze open projects, findings, mitigations, ESG scores, reviews, open tasks, project schedules and approvals.
  • Unique dashboards pre-configured for key stakeholders — including members of the board of directors, executives, management and staff — that include progress charts, remediation activities, prioritized tasks and more.
  • No-code software administration so business owners can launch, update and maintain this ESG solution on their own without IT or technical resources.
Manage ESG Processes in Onspring Software
ESG Executive Dashboard in Onspring No-Code Automation Software