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SecurityScorecard is the global leader in cybersecurity ratings, with more than 12 million companies continuously rated. SecurityScorecard’s patented security ratings technology is used by organizations for enterprise risk management, third-party risk management, board reporting, due diligence, cyber insurance underwriting, and regulatory oversight.

Black Kite

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Redefining vendor risk management with the world’s first global third-party cyber risk monitoring platform, built from a hacker's perspective. Black Kite provides the only standards-based cyber risk assessments that analyze your supply chain's cybersecurity posture from three critical dimensions: technical, financial, and compliance.


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A world-class regulatory intelligence platform for compliance professionals. It enables organizations to quickly identify all applicable legal content in the jurisdictions where they operate, monitor incoming regulatory changes, and easily map them to risks and controls using the most advanced artificial intelligence.


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Ascent is an end-to-end regulatory lifecycle management (RLM) solution that is integrated seamlessly with the Onspring platform to empower users with next-generation compliance automation that fuels regulatory change management within the Onspring Controls and Compliance Solution.


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Data protection experts who know how critical the importance of information assets are to your business, and we’ve tackled the challenges in both protecting and leveraging those assets for positive business outcomes.


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Electric utility focused team with decades of combined implementation experience offering pre-built NERC compliance solutions on the Onspring platform as well as service delivery of other GRC use cases for the energy industry.


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Crowe is a public accounting, consulting, and technology firm with deep industry expertise in helping public and private entities uncover hidden opportunities in the market – no matter what challenges the markets present.


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Cential specializes in Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) consulting services and supports medium and large organizations across the country looking to implement or improve their GRC or Risk Management programs.

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